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Water Treatment on Horizon

In the spring of 2021, Interior Health asked Alto to update its Source Water Protection Plan (SWPP). Several changes had been made in the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines and since the previous plan was completed in 2011 it was time to reassess Alto’s system. Alto Utilities contracted Associated Environmental (AE) and, working with one of their hydrogeologists, completed the plan in the summer of 2022. The plan reviewed hazards and reassessed the aquifer that supplies water to Alto’s customers. Adjacent watering holes, lift stations, roadways, industrial areas, and treatment plant to the south were all ranked for risk. AE analyzed data that Alto and AE collected to determine how well the aquifer is protected from these hazards. After considering all the information, the AE’s team of hydrogeologists determined that there is a potential risk of contamination from viruses and that treatment would be required to eliminate this risk. Alto’s Health Officer agreed with the assessment and has required that Alto begin developing and implementing plans for chlorine treatment.


Alto has started this process. We are looking for the most economical and effective means of treating the water to meet these new requirements. Even though nothing has changed with Alto’s existing water supply, new government regulations require Alto to make these changes. As we update the system to meet these requirements, we will keep you informed of our progress.



Alto Utilities